Дисциплины, преподаваемые на кафедре

The course "CALS-Technologies in industry" is a part of master program "Nanotechnologies in Fiber Optics"
"Embedded systems" discipline is dedicated to basics of microprocessors, basics about memory (volatile, non-volatile etc.), the way microprocessors work with memory and so on. Practice and labs gives student an experience with soft-processors using FPGA and also students will get knowledges about features of SoC-based systems such vendors like Altera and Xilinx.
The content of discipline "Fiber Bragg gratings" covers theoretical and technological basics of creating of Bragg gratings in photorefractive optical fibers.
The course content covers an area of the internal structure and principles of operations of digital signal processing units applied to the fiber optics sensors and devices based on them. It consists of 4 lectures, 16 practices и 8 lab works.